Many would argue that the best durians come from Penang. I know we’re a little biased 😛 But it’s true that a fresh Penang durian comes with a thick, aromatic and flavourful flesh. Its strong aroma is the reason many call Durian the “King of Fruits“.

The 2017 durian season is late, it’s ongoing now till July. Because of the pro-longed rainy season, the durians flowered late. If not mistaken, last year’s first durians came during the end of April.

Now, how well do you know your durians? These are some of the most popular types of Penang Durians in 2017:

Musang King 猫山王

This name requires no introduction (unless well, you’ve never heard of durians). Dark yellow flesh. This well known durian type is loved by both locals and international travelers. Sticky texture, rich and flavourful flesh.


(Availability: Estimated to be available from the last week of July till mid August)

musang king durian

Kunpoh Angbak 坤宝红肉

The durian flesh is slightly on the red side. The flesh’s texture is sticky with a slight taste of bitterness in it.


(Availability: Estimated to be available from end of June till August)

Kapri / Capri 甲必利

Pale white flesh. The flesh is very soft and ‘creamy’ / ‘pillowy’. Taste is slightly more on the bitter side.

It’s said to be many people’s favourite and one that is often requested at the renowned Bao Sheng Durian Farm in Penang.


(Availability: Estimated to be available from mid of July till mid August)

capri kapri durian

Little Red 小红

Red-ish flesh. Taste is very sweet and the texture is smooth.


(Availability: Estimated to be available from end of June till last week of August)

D11 十一号

Cream coloured flesh. Highly aromatic flesh and tastes sweet. Has a relatively sticky texture.


(Availability: Estimated to be available from second week of July till end of August)

D11 penang durian

Horlor 葫芦

Golden yellow flesh. Sticky flesh texture and strong pleasant smell.


(Availability: Estimated to be available from second week of July till end of August)

horlor durian

Green Skin 15 青皮15

It has bright green skin, hence the name. Yellow cream colour. Flesh is sweet with a slight bitter taste. Very soft and smooth texture.


(Availability: Estimated to be available from the beginning of July till mid August)

penang green skin

Kunjit 黄姜

Dark yellow in colour. Sticky texture with sweet and bitter taste.


(Availability: Estimated to be available from mid July till early August)

kunyit durian

Lim Fong Jiao 林凤娇

Yellow colour flesh. There’s a little bitterness in the sweet taste. Its sticky texture combined with rich flavour makes it a public favourite.


(Availability: Estimated to be available from mid July till second week of August)

lin feng jiao durian

D15 15号

D15 has a golden yellow flesh, with slight bitterness in the sweet flavour. Its sticky and thick texture makes it a very enjoyable choice.


(Availability: Estimated to be available from approx. second week of July till August)

D15 durian

Red Prawn 红虾

Due to the weather, Red Prawn availability is expected to be limited this year. Its flavourful pink-ish flesh packs a strong punch of sweetness with a little bitter feel.

粉红色。 味觉甜中代苦。纯粹芳香。肉嫩黏喉。顺滑可囗。果肉浓厚无纤维。四十年树龄以上会代黑色。而刚掉落会让舌尖有麻痹的感觉。挑战味蕾。叫馋 舌为之颤愕。

(Availability: Estimated to be available from beginning of July till August)

red prawn durian penang

There are still many other types of durians in Penang. Comment below and let us know which are the ones we missed out that should be included in this article.

Here’s an interesting video to learn more about durians: