Awesomed because Penang Food is amazing!

How Much Do You Know About Penang Food?

Penang food is known internationally as one of the best in the world, hands down. There’s good reason for that because we have a wide and tasty selection of food.

Now, we know many tourists and locals alike can be easily overwhelmed by the Penang food we have so we’ve gone ahead and prepared a 24-hour Penang food guide for you! All the way from breakfast in Penang early in the morning to a rich spread of Penang dinner at night, we’ll give you some of the best available. Here we go!

A sneak peek of what to expect:


*Please note that this is not a purely hawker food guide, we’ll include some interesting Penang food restaurant outlets as well! This is also purely of our personal opinion.

This is Part 2 of the 24-hour food guide which covers Tea Time, Dinner in Penang and Supper in Penang. Check out here for Part 1 which covers Early Morning, Breakfast in Penang and Lunch in Penang!

Tea Time (Recommended from 4pm – 6pm)

12. Penang Road Chendol – A Favorite Penang Food of the Generations


Ah, the renown Penang Road Chendol. If you live in Penang and you haven’t tried this (is that even possible?), then you’re really letting yourself down because this Chendol has already made itself a part of Penang lore!

Most people who have lunch in Penang will normally stop by for a bowl, no matter the crowd, that’s just a testament to how good it is!

We just had to include this in our “Top 10 Must-Try Penang Food in Georgetown”


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13. Fried Bananas and a Wide Variety of Fried Items – Penang Food Lovers Little Addiction


My oh my, you have no idea how much we adore these fried stuff. Fried bananas or more affectionately known as “Goreng Pisang” is a staple snack of any Penangnite, given its popularity we had to find a great one to recommend and thankfully it wasn’t that hard!

Tanjung Bungah might be a little far for many of us but going all the way just to have a taste of this? Definitely worth it!

The uncle operates in a little lorry that sells the Goreng Pisang as well as several other deep fried local snack food like tapioca ,glutinous rice, banana cake, yam, cempedak, sweet potato and green bean. The pictures alone will tell a thousand words!



14. Ah Leng Char Koay Teow – The Upcoming Penang Char Koay Teow Superstar?


For decades, Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow has reigned supreme as the number 1 Char Koay Teow in Penang, tourist or locals alike. Well, here’s a worthy challenger!

Ah Leng Char Koay Teow  has been here for awhile, but its recently making a name among tourists for its amazing seafood taste (Though the “wok hei” (high heat frying) taste might be somewhat underwhelming when compared to other options). Juicy prawns and cockles make up the bulk of its fresh seafood. For people who wants a rival to Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow, well you’ve found it.


It’s so good that its one of the “Top 4 Char Koay Teow in Penang”, check out the list for more awesome Char Koay Teow’s!

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15. SiTigun Coffee House – The best Local Coffee You Can Find


Alright, I know that many of you are thinking “No way, that’s can be right! The best coffee’s are found in kopitiams!”. Well, the thought’s not wrong but SiTigun just took coffee to a whole new level, both local and international ones.

SiTigun Coffee House opens for business early in the morning and it serves a nice spread of croissants and a wide variety of coffee that can best serve as a tea time snack as well!The owner, Tigun Wibisana is an expert in coffee who can spend hours telling you tales and stories about great coffee if you sit down and have a chat with him, a really nice guy.


You can check out our “Top 10 Must-Try Penang Food in Georgetown” for more great outlets like SiTigun!

Our resident blogger, Ming Yi wrote his take on the place, read all about it and then check the place out!

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16. Hot and Spicy Laksa – Balik Pulau’s Little Gem


Laksa is ranked 7th in the international list of “Things To Eat Before You Die” and it’d be a crime on our part if we didn’t bring you at least one on our list!

Balik Pulau’s Laksa is slightly on the spicy side, the soup base is cooked with slices of fish and curry flower. The side ingredients include cucumber, pineapple and also mint leaves.

You can also try the Siam Laksa which is more on the creamy side with coconut milk mixed in. All in all, both are solid recommendations that you should not miss!

You can check out another laksa stall, located in Gottlieb Road in our “Top 10 Must-Try Not So Famous Penang Food”


Here’s where to find it (Updated 2016)! More info including directions & open hours


Dinner in Penang (Recommended from 7pm – 9pm)

17. 888 Hokkien Mee / Penang Har Mee (Prawn noodles) – One of the Best You’ll Find in Penang


Another staple of a dinner in Penang’s hawker food, Hokkien Mee. In Malaysia, Penang’s Hokkien Mee is truly one of a kind.

In Penang, there are many many Hokkien Mee food stalls but through personal experience, 888 Hokkien Mee is truly one of the very best you can find. They even allow you to add special ingredients to your Hokkien Mee, which is hard to find in many other stalls.

hokkien mee penang har mee

Check out more awesome Penang food in our “Top 10 Must-Try Not So Famous Penang Food”

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18. 24-Hour Chicken Rice Stall – Mainland’s Hangout Spot


Malay Chicken Rice doesn’t typically stand out as one of Penang’s famous foods but this stall gives us more than enough reason to include it in this list. After all, when the food is awesome, recommending it is just a formality.

This Malay Chicken Rice stall operates 24 hours a day, everyday. That makes it easily accessible anytime you need a meal!


The Malay Chicken Rice at 3M Brothers Serestu is served with batter rice that has very strong aroma of herb sprinkle with fried onion and spring onion. The roasted chicken is served with dark soy sauce mixing with sweet soy sauce and semi-homemade Chili sauce!

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19. Khunthai, Teluk Kumbar – Top-Notch Authentic Thai Food


Khunthai has already been the in market for many years, but it catered mostly to people from the mainland. A couple of years ago, it finally expanded over to Penang and no surprise it’s getting rave reviews from people all over Penang!

Famous all around for its great selection of food and taste, Khunthai’s true specialty lies in its Seafood Tom Yum. With a spice level that will excite your taste buds, you can rest assured that this Tom Yum will be spicy, sweet and sour enough! Oh, and lemon steamed lala, fried kangkung, steamed fish and all Thai-style cooked seafood sorts are really yummy too!


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20. Karaikudi Restaurant – Home of Exotic North and South Indian Cuisine


Dinner in Penang is never really limited to just hawker food, many Penangites normally frequent restaurants and malls for Saturday or Sunday night dinners, so not recommending a few of them is definitely a let-down!

Today we have a special recommendation for you, Karaikudi North and South Indian Food Restaurant. Now, even if you’re a local, the chances are very high that you have never even stepped foot in this restaurant before and that’s a sad thought really.


Karaikudi Restaurant is located in one of Penang’s most famous tourist spots, Little India! The food served here are filled with exotic spices that gives it an authentic aroma and taste that can rarely be found elsewhere in Penang. Being located in Little India gives it much more original feel as well!

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Supper Time! (Recommended from 10pm onwards)

21. Nasi Kandar Beratur – A Long and Worthwhile Wait


Imagine having to queue up for 45 minutes to get a plate of Nasi Kandar, sound absurd right? But Nasi Kandar Beratur has worked under this premise for ages and it has proven itself to be very successful with its branding!


With more than 6 decades of experiences and a claim of having the most original taste among the rest of the Nasi Kandar restaurants in Penang, indeed the ingredients used were freshly grinded and tasty. The server’s experience and skill in mixing the curries perfectly also adds to the overall taste.


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22. De Happy Restaurant Porridge – A Surprising Choice for Supper in Penang


A surprising choice for supper in Penang is definitely porridge, why you ask? That’s because porridge is normally very filling and going to bed on a full stomach is not a really healthy idea. But here at AwesomePenang, we’ve gone ahead and found something for you, a light serving or porridge and dishes for supper!

De Happy Restaurant may seem like a typical Chinese style seafood restaurant during dinner hours. But it opens late into the night until 4am! A great option for you to grab some satisfying supper in true Penang Teo Chew style when you;re hungry in the middle of the night. They serve a wide variety of dishes to go with the rice or porridge. The Teo Chew style porridge is less-watery and the rice grains still remain as a whole.


The portion and the taste is just right for a light supper with some cubes of sweet potatoes in it. The porridge and rice here is perfectly complemented with the side dishes; simple yet prepared just right.

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23. Street Grill Burger Bakar – A New Style of Penang Street Burger *Halal*


There was a time in Penang when street burger vendors began to get very creative. For years, Penang’s street burgers were standard chicken and beef affairs, with the most popular accompaniments being cheese and egg. But that trend was growing old, so a new wave of burgers came in, mainly the Giant Burgers and Grilled Burgers.


Street Grill Burger Bakar’s rise to fame is because of its signature burger, the Grilled Mutton Patty Burger! The mutton patty is made very well, juicy, tender and definitely very well flavoured. It’s definitely one of the better burgers for supper in Penang, but its not just the mutton that rocks, the chicken and beef patties are awesome too!

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24. Zul’s Burger Penang – Burger Innovations in Penang 2.0 *Halal* (2016 Update – PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

crazy-large-zul-burger-penang 8inch-large-halal-burger


Time to go crazy with burgers! Like we said in the earlier post, people began to get very creative with street burgers in Penang and that resulted in this enormous 11-inch burger! For a moment in Penang, it was all people talked about, the queue to have a taste of this burger was crazy and everyone was in on the hype!

But like all street burgers, it still tastes awesome! Its no different from any other street burger except for its size but Zul’s street burgers have always been a cut above the rest!

And that’s it for Part 2!  Check out  for Part 1 which covers Early Morning, Breakfast in Penang and Lunch in Penang if you haven’t yet for a full 24-hour guide!

Kampung Jawa Char Kway Teow