Awesome Penang Heritage photos!

Okay here’s something interesting about Penang heritage for you.

Light Street was the first street to be laid on the newly established settlement on George Town. The name is derived from the one known as the founder of Penang – Captain Francis Light. In 1786, Captain Francis landed in Penang and established the British Settlement. Many of early administrative government buildings and European mansions were lined up along the street. The subsequent roads like Farquhar Street and Downing Street were laid out from Light Street.

The Fort Cornwallis, Municipal Council Buildings, Swettenham Pier and State Assembly Hall around the Esplanade are all located along the Light Street.


The old Penang Government Offices and Clock tower at King Edward Place.


old Penang trishaw

Awesome trishaws at Transfer Road, Penang

Check out the busy Campbell Street in Penang! 😛


Old Penang Chinese Festival Procession with Chinese Dragon dance and more!


The old Penang Snake temple during the late 60s.

That’s all for Part 1, if you like it, stay tuned for Part II!

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