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Everytime a tourist asks Penangnites about the best Penang hawker food, chances are only the most famous of hawker foods will be mentioned. Hawker foods such as Penang Road Cendol, Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow, Ayer Itam Laksa and Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng will always be mentioned and they have earned the right to do so.

However, there are still a lot of amazing hawker food for tourists and Penangnites alike that a lot of people do not know of or have not sunk into people’s minds. These are the ones we want to highlight in this list!

Without further ado, we present a list of “Top 11 Hawker Food in Penang You May Not Have Heard Of“!

Please note, this is our personal opinion and we would love if you guys have other amazing food to recommend!

1. Tiger Fried Koay Teow – Hidden Gem of Penang


Char Koay Teow will always be the most talked about food in Penang, it is after all Penang Hawker Food’s baby child.

Without a doubt, everyone in Penang has their very own favourite CKT spots but one we’ll definitely recommend that less people know of is the Tiger Char Koay Teow. Tiger Char Koay Teow is situated near the town area and is famous for having an amazing aroma, sumptious prawns and a famously long queue of customers.

Our resident affiliate Steven Goh has paid multiple visits there and rates Tiger Char Koay Teow as one of his all-time favourite Char Koay Teow’s in Penang.

If you want to see more famous Char Koay Teows in Penang, feel free to check out our list of the best of the best in Penang here!

penang hawker foodpenang hawker food

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2. 888 Hokkien Mee – Best for Dinner

penang hawker food

Another staple of Penang hawker food, Hokkien Mee. In Malaysia, Penang’s Hokkien Mee is truly one of a kind.

Why? It’s because if you were to use the same word anywhere else in Malaysia, you’d get a different dish, everywhere else it’s called Har Mee (Prawn Noodles)!

penang hawker food

In Penang, there are many many Hokkien Mee stalls but through personal experience, 888 Hokkien Mee is truly one of the very best you can find. They even allow you to add special ingredients to your Hokkien Mee, which is hard to find in many other stalls.

penang hawker food


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3. Amazing Penang Laksa – Taman Gottlieb Road 

penang hawker food

Rated as the No.7 Must-Try Food in the world, there’s no way we’d not recommend an amazing Assam Laksa for you, it’d be criminal not to do so! Now, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Balik Pulau’s or Ayer Itam’s famous Assam Laksa, no doubt those two are very good choices but we’d like to talk about this amazing one. Flying under the radar.

penang hawker food

Taman Gottlieb Road’s Laksa can certainly make a case for being one of the very best Assam Laksa in Penang.  With a harmonious blend of sweet, sour and spicy, there’s little much to complain about! It also has amazing side dishes to go along with it, like Poh Piah and Chai Kueh.

penang hawker food

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4. Taman Sri Nibung Koay Teow Th’ng – A Gentle Yet Tasty Dish

penang hawker food

Koay Teow Th’ng is a dish that’s very hard to satisfy your taste buds. This is because it lacks the punch of spicy foods and the aroma of fried foods. However, it is still an amazing dish in its own right and few do it better than the one found in Sg.Dua.

This place serves a bowl of Koay Teow Th’ng that is truly appreciated for its generous helping of ingredients and amazing broth. It can either be the dry or soupy versions but both will still pack enough punch to excite your taste buds.

penang hawker food

This Penang hawker food centre has great food that has also made it into our list of “7 Breakfast Spots In Penang you May Not Know”

penang hawker food

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5. Ong Cheng Huat Seafood – Penang Seafood at its Finest

Ong Cheng Huat

Now, one from the mainland! Ong Cheng Huat Seafood is a common hangout for the locals who’ve known this place for as long as I can remember.


Ong Cheng Huat Seafood although famous for its seafood, is also very well-known for its Barbequed Chick which earns rave reviews all over the blogsphere. We’ve included more photos so that we can let them do all the talking. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. *wink*


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6. Solok Slim Wan Tan Mee (Wan Ton Mee) – A Traditional Taste in a New Age

Wan Tan Mee

Wan Ton Mee is another unique favourite of Penangites, simply because its taste is rather unique. Not known for excessive spice or oily aroma, it’s only speciality lies in its specially-made noodles.

Solok Slim serves a very delicious brand of Wan Ton Mee, complete with the usual helpings of char siew, wan ton and leafy vegetables. It also enhances its taste with a generous helping of mushrooms which give it a more powerful taste than most other stores.

This stall of Wan Ton Mee can be found near Heng Ee High School and is a massive favourite with the locals! You’ll definitely have to check this one out if you want to truly appreciate local Penang hawker food.

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7. Kim Leng Loh Mee – A Breakfast Favorite


Hokkien Mee, Loh Mee and Curry Mee are the most notable and liked soupy dishes in Penang. Good thing is that finding a good bowl of Loh Mee in Penang is not a hard task, but finding a really amazing one is a different story!

penang hawker food

Kim Leng Loh Mee is a Loh Mee that will not let you down if you have a rumbling tummy. Cooked with pork rib stock, 5 flavours of spice and starched with egg white, this is delicious goodness at its best. Recently, Kim Leng Loh Mee has begun to win over many taste buds with it being covered in the “Hungry – Food Show” by Ah Xian The Celebrity TV Host.

penang hawker food

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8. Hot Bowl Curry Mee – White Curry Mee with Deboned Chicken

Hot Bowl curry mee

After covering 2 of Penang’s favourite soupy food, it’s time to give the final one some love! And from personal experience, this is one recommendation you DO NOT want to miss. Hot Bowl is situated at Abu Siti Lane and it’s a little secluded because it’s off the main road.

The Curry Mee they serve is the White type, which has a rich coconut milk aroma. It in itself is nothing special as the taste is normal until you come to the chilli paste. The chilli paste is very unique because it has an amazing aroma and goes perfectly with the curry mee.


However, the most unique side dish that the Hot Bowl outlet sells is its deboned chicken, which is by far the very best you can find in Penang.  The tenderness and juiciness of their chicken goes amazingly well with the specially made chilli sauce, which is a little on the sourish side. Even our resident affiliate, Ken has praised its chicken as highly recommended.


The Hot Bowl noodles is truly such a unique experience that it has also made it into our “Top 10 Unique Food in Penang” list!


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9. Crispy Roast Duck Rice – First Famous Federal Restaurant

Crispy Duck Restaurant Penang

Now onto a Penang lunch staple, chicken and duck rice. Penang’s literally full of stalls that sell Chicken or Duck Rice, heck every hawker centre practically has one or two! Thus, it’s nearly impossible to recommend the best in Penang however there are a few amazing ones that don’t get the amount of traction they deserve, one of those is the First Famous Federal Restaurant’s Chicken and Duck Rice.

roasted chicken penang food

It not only serves Pi Pa Duck which in itself is a good reason for a meal but also serves Roast Chicken, Char Siew, Siew Bak and Taiwanese Sausage. All these are served delightfully with rice cooked with pork lard or chicken oil which makes for a truly outstanding experience.



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10. Sweet-I Traditional Desserts – A rarity in Penang

Sweet-i Dessert Penang Lip Sin

Looking through the entire list, it’s obvious it contains a ton of oily food and definitely a ton of spice. Therefore, we decided to include something a little refreshing and healthy – traditional desserts. Penang these days are filled with modern desserts like Blackball, Hui Lau Shan, Tong Pak Fu and many more. But if you were to want something traditional like Gandum or Bi Ko Moi, which are healthy desserts, you’d be hard pressed to find a good one.

Penang dessert

Sweet-I is a shop that specialises in traditional desserts, selling a wide range of them and the owner is also very knowledgable in the benefits of each one, being able to recommend the best one for your situation. From personal experience, I love the place. The taste does not hit you outright as extremely delicious or anything but every one of its desserts are healthy and not too sweet, which is really cool.

Do note that Sweet-I has moved location over to Taman Lip Sin, where they reside in one of the terrace houses. You can spot them from a mile away due to their massive banner.

Sweet i Dessert House Penang

Click for more info including directions to their new location & open hours 


11. Pitt Street Koay Teow Th’ng (Koay Teow Soup) – Yummy homemade ‘eel balls’


*Pitt Street Koay Teow Th’ng is actually located in Carnavon Street, NOT PITT STREET. They are actually located just a couple shops beside ‘Tiger Char Koay Teow’ (No.1 item on this list). The reason they’re called Pitt Street Koay Teow Th’ng is because they started there, but re-located to this stall in Carnavon Street.


In case you’re wondering, the “eel fish balls” we mentioned actually mean fish balls made from an eel. It’s been featured on various media outlets and very well known among the locals. Oh and the soup is awesome. You can actually opt for the dry version where you’ll be served the soup separately from the noodles. Another way of tasting this amazing Penang dish!


Click for more info including directions & open hours

And so this concludes our list, surely everyone has their own opinion of good Penang food, after all Penang has such a diverse amount of food types that it’d be near impossible to squeeze all of the goodness into just 11. We do however, recommend everyone to give these places a shot, they are definitely worth your buck!

We would like to extend a big thanks you and huge appreciation to our fellow bloggers and affiliates whose articles we have shared in this list, thank you we couldn’t have done this without you! Make sure to check out their blogs when you can, its full of awesome stuff!

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